What is a Dilution Ratio?

Custom Certified Control Drink Flasks | What is a Dilution Ratio?

Terriss Ind. has been serving the beverage industry since the conception of the company, and it continues to do so today. Recently, a customer approached us about our certified glass products.  They have already been using our control drink preparation flasks for dilution ratios; however, they had a new ratio that their current equipment was unable to hold.

What is a Dilution Ratio?

A dilution ratio is simply a ratio, wherein a volumetric unit (or "part") of solute is combined with a volumetric unit ("parts)" of solvent.  

Dilution ratios are used in everyday life, even if you’re not thinking about it!  Besides formulating controls and such in a lab, you might see this when reading the instructions on cleaning supplies or in cooking.

Take simple syrup for example.  Typically, simple syrup is a 1:1 ratio of sugar to water.  That is, it is 1 part sugar (solute) to 1 part water (solvent).  Thus, let’s say a “part” equates to a cup.  This will then give you about 2 cups worth of solution (the result of combining the solute and solvent).

The Customer’s Dilemma

Up to this point, they had been preparing various controls using ratios such as 1:4, 1:5, and 1:6.  Thus far, all of their Certified Control Drink Flasks have been exact (as in, held exactly the amount they needed for the controls).  Their dilemma involved their need for a flask that could contain 1:8.5 dilution ratio.

Cert. CDF “to contain,” 2oz [T-09-103]

So far, the customer had dilution ratios wherein a singular “part” was 2 ounces.  Additionally, the flasks they have been using have all perfectly fit the amount they needed. To break it down:

1:4 ratio

1 = 2 ounces

4 = 8 ounces

Total: 10 ounces of liquid, which fits perfectly into a 10 ounce flask

This brings us back to the customer’s problem: The new dilution ratio would bring them to about 9.5 ounces of solution using 1 ounce as a part, and the only size that would be able to fit that would be a 10 ounce flask. However, that would still leave half an ounce of space, and that would be less than ideal.

Our Solution

Fortunately, Terriss does offer custom flasks! The answer to their problem we came up with was for them to get a custom 19oz “to deliver” control flask – which meant they could keep uniform across all their controls by maintaining 1 part as 2 ounces.  It would also be exact, without the extra half ounce of space that they would get using a 10 ounce flask.

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