A Terriss Timeline: From Seltzer Siphon Heads to Lab Equipment

From Seltzer Siphon Heads to Lab Equipment | A Terriss Timeline

Terriss Ind. has been around for 125 years, having started in manufacturing seltzer siphon heads. In this blog, we cover our timeline from beginning to current day. Read more about the Teriss timeline below!

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The Start of Terriss

Late in the 19th century a new world immigrant, Morris A. Epstein began selling seltzer to thirsty New Yorkers.  But, as the 20th century neared, he decided to redirect his energies toward manufacturing siphon heads for seltzer bottles.  Thus was born Consolidated Siphon Supply Company, the forerunner to Terriss Consolidated Industries.

The manufacture of siphon heads involved melting pure tin in a crucible and pouring it into molds.  Each siphon head required six molds – shell, spindle, collar, valve, handle and cap.  The glass bottles were imported from Czechoslovakia.  Unfortunately, the early 20th century did not treat the seltzer industry kindly.  World War I cut off the European supply of bottles.  Shortly thereafter, the United States adopted prohibition and there went the “scotch and soda” market as whiskey became illegal.

Pivoting and Adapting

Morris moved to expand his product line so that he would not be totally dependent on the seltzer water industry.  His new items included hydrometers, thermometerscarbonation testers and general laboratory ware.  He also began manufacturing production equipment such as filters, storage, and mixing tanks, inspection lights, sinks, siphon fillers and carbonators.

With the repeal of prohibition came a resurgence in the use of seltzer in mixed drinks. Once again, the industry flourished.  However, mid-way in the thirties it became apparent that in order to increase the sales of carbonated water (seltzer), now club soda, bottlers would have to package the drink in a simpler, less expensive container.  Canada Dry took the lead, packaging carbonated water in regular soda bottles and sales boomed.  Once again, the siphon business appeared doomed.

By this time, two of Morris’ five sons had entered the business.  These were David M. Epstein, the current president of Terriss and Lionel C. Epstein the senior vice president.  With their broad knowledge of marketing and advertising Consolidated Siphon continued to prosper.

Expanding the Business

At the close of World War II the firm began working closely with engineers from both Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola to develop and improve quality control and beverage production.  Terriss then began manufacturing stainless steel products and expanded their line of quality control items.

Today, Terriss Consolidated manufactures and sells a complete line of soft drink quality control equipment.  The firm has a separate division, Mastercraft Stainless Steel, that manufactures processing and industrial products – tanks, tables, sinks, drums, and troughs.  In the late seventies, the firm began adapting its line to the electronic and microprocessor revolution.

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Your Product Quality is Our Business”

We’ve reached the end of the Terriss timeline. Today, the CEO of Terriss Industries is Jennifer Collins, and it has now become a woman run and owned company where we plan on upholding the 125 years of quality that this company has become known for.  With our knowledge and expertise, we have become a trusted name in the beverage industry over the last century and desire to continue that.

Visit our website to check out the comprehensive list of equipment or contact us if you have any questions!  We can be reached via phone call (732.988.0909) as well.

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