Comb. Finish Gauge 28mm Pet/28-969-1716 CALL FOR PRICE

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Quality control gauges for checking the threaded tops of glass and plastic containers. Checks the threads, outside diameter, spacing, etc.

T-14-121 | Comb. Finish Gauge 28mm Pet/28-969-1716

T-14-123 | Comb. Finish Gauge 38mm Pet/38-1690

T-14-127 | Comb. Finish Gauge 28mm-PCO1810 PET | CALL FOR PRICE AND AVAILABILITY Price: Limited availability MOQ 2   $895/each    MOQ 4: $675/each

T-14-129 | Comb. Finish Gauge 28 PCO-1881. Checks A,D,E,F,T Dim. 2 PIECE MINIMUM

MOQ 2: $1,429/each   MOQ:3-4: $1,135/each

Other gauges available. Please furnish bottle finish number.

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