Secure Seal Tester T-12-131 Pressure gauge with lazy hand


Secure Seal Tester

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T–12-122 Cut off tool 38mm for PET bottle, T-12-117 Secure Seal Tester (acc. may be required), T-12-120 Pilfer Band removal tool for aluminum cap, T-12-121 Cut off tool 28mm for PET bottle, T-12-123 Pierce Needle rep- alum. cap pun tip assy, T-12-124 Pierce Needle rep-plast. cap pun tip assy, T-12-125 Pick Repl. for Pilfer Band Removal Tool, T-12-126 28mm Pressure Fixture for PET bottle, T-12-127 Cutter blade rep. for cut off tool, T-12-129 Spare Parts kit, T-12-130 38mm Pressure Fixture for PET bottle, T-12-131 Pressure gauge with lazy hand, T-12-132 Pressure gauge line side, T-12-133 Rubber Seal Rep.- 28 pressure fixture, T-12-134 Pierce. Needle rep.-steel crown pun. tip, T-12-135 Rubber Seal Rep.- 38mm pressure fixture, T-12-136 Puncture Tip Assy- Alum Cap on glass bot., T-12-137 Puncture Tip Assy- Plas. cap on glass bot, T-12-139 Puncture Tip Assy-steel crown- glass bot., T-12-140 Connecting Hose, T-12-141 Tank Only, T-12-142 Observation Window Kit

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