Certified Control Drink Flask 8 oz


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Certified Control Drink Flask | “To Contain” | 8 oz


These control drink flasks are designed to equate, in terms of capacity, an empty, dry container. The flasks, when properly filled, will hold the exact same content as a bottle and can be used to check proportioning accuracy. The contents can also be used to check brix, color, acidity, and other comparative values.  Serially numbered with “certified” lab certificates enclosed. Other sizes available.


All flasks are Pyrex and are individually calibrated with water “TO CONTAIN,” using standards certified by the National Institute of Science and Technology to assure maximum accuracy and maintain tolerances.  Calibrated in 1/10 oz or 1 mL divisions.  All flasks 6 oz and above are accurate to 1/6 of 1%.

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