Filter, Sterile, 0.45 um, gridded, 47mm, 600pk


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Filter units (T-10-410, T-10-411) may be used with a pump device to sterilize 100 ml to 2 ltrs of rinse or dilution water.  They are self venting.

Small volume filters (T-10-412) are also available.

Glass fiber filter (T-10-414) is used as a prefilter to prevent large particles from clogging membrane filters.

The Filter membrane, .45 um, white with grid (T-10-416) is used for detecting coliform and total bacteria count.  The gridded surface simplifies colony counting.  Other colors and pore sizes are available.

Pre-sterilized plastic petri dishes with pad (T-10-417) are ready to accept membrane and liquid media.  The T-10-418 can be used with solid agar media or absorbant pad.

Syringes (T-10-421) are designed for dispensing liquids into small containers as well as pressure filtering small volumes of liquid.

The sampling valve (T-10-425) is easily installed in a liquid distribution line and can be kept sanitary between uses.  The design eliminates bacterial and particle build up.  The value is kept sterile by injecting alcohol or hydrogen peroxide into the luer opening..

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