Fill Height Syringe | Fill Height Gauge, Syringe Style


Fill Height Syringe | Fill Height Gauge, Syringe Style


The Terriss Fill Height Syringe (Part Number: T-14-140) is for checking the contents of bottles using the fill height method and to check accurately and quickly.  This is to ensure that products within bottles are measured to have to the correct ullage or fill height.  Bottles that do not allow for ullage or are not within tolerance will significantly affect the content of finished products.

This gauge is a valuable laboratory tool that can save time and improve accuracy during container fill height and volume measurements. This device allows an operator to easily adjust the fill level of containers to be evaluated to a standard predetermined level. Using the adjustable gauge, an operator can simply set the depth of the pipette for the appropriate level. Excess fluid can then easily be drawn off to the end of the pipette.

With this adjustable syringe, excess fluid can be either drawn off or added and then measured to ensure your bottles meet your specifications.


  • (PN): T-14-140
  • Has replaceable bulb, collar, and tubing
  • Calibrated in 1/32″ divisions
  • Comes complete with Bottle Capacity Test Procedure

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T-14-140 Fill Height Gauge SyringeFill Height Syringe | Fill Height Gauge, Syringe Style